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Nano Bead Extensions ​

Nano ring hair extensions are a popular choice for those looking to add length and volume to their hair. But like any type of hair extension, they come with pros and cons that you should consider before making a final decision.

On the plus side, nano rings are much smaller than traditional hair extensions, making them less noticeable and more comfortable to wear.

They also tend to be more secure than other types of extensions, meaning they’re less likely to slip out or fall out over time. And because they’re made from real human hair, they can be styled just like your own natural lock

Keratin Bonds/Fusions ​

Keratin bond hair extensions are a form of hair extensions that use keratin to bond the extension to natural hair, instead of the tapes or synthetic glues. 

These are also commonly known as “keratin fusions.”

These extensions consist of unprocessed human hair strands with tiny beads of keratin adhesives found at the tip of every strand.

The bonding adhesive is made of keratin protein.

Manufacturers create these adhesives from keratin, which are sourced from horse hoof, hair, and feathers, among others. These are steamed at high pressure for several hours. 

Weft Hair Extensions ​

Let’s be real – we ALL dream about having thick, gorgeous, mermaid-like hair that cascades down our backs and makes us look like we stepped right out of a Disney fairy tale. If you are anything like me, though, you might not have been blessed with these kind of enviable, luscious locks naturally. In our lifelong quest to make our hair appear thicker and fuller, luckily, there are more than a few options. 

When it comes to hair extensions, the choices can start to feel a little overwhelming. Do you opt for clip-ins, bulk, fusion, sewn, or weft?  If you are considering your hair extension options and are stuck on which to choose, don’t fret! The team at Concept Beauty Salon  here to give you the low down on why weft is the way to go. 

Tape Hair Extensions ​

Tape in hair extensions are pre-taped hair wefts. The tape is coated in medical-grade adhesive that allows it to hold steadfast to the natural hair when applied.

They should be fitted by a hair extension specialist to ensure that they are applied correctly. When fitted, they should lie flat against the scalp and tapes should be virtually undetectable in the hair.

A full head of tape in hair extensions can be applied in as little as 45 minutes, making them a great choice for those who don’t want to spend hours upon hours in the salon. 

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